Striking in style, perfect in precision and technically robust, our sleek Trend range is the definition of contemporary chic.


The perfect choice if you are looking for a door that makes a striking statement whilst providing the perfect blend of appearance, performance and complete reliability.


Our Trend doors can be custom-made and are available in a wide selection of veneers, providing our clients with limitless options and endless possibilities. 


Spectacular in style, inspiringly ambitious and expertly designed our sleek Unique interior door range is truly one of a kind.


If you are looking for a contemporary, bespoke feature that will demand the attention of you and your guests alike, then our Unique range is the right choice for you.


Our Unique doors are custom-made and come in a wide selection of veneers, from Walnut to Oak, providing our clients with limitless options and a finished product that is unquestionably, unique.


Exquisite in style, delicately crafted and fantastically alluring, our Elegant door range is one of which we are particularly proud.


Creating a striking statement in any home, an Elegant™ door provides the perfect blend of finesse, performance and absolute authenticity.


Elegant doors can be custom-made and come in a wide selection of veneers, providing our clients with limitless options and the perfect balance between elegance and exclusivity.


Sophisticated in style, innovative in design and immaculately finished, our sleek Lacquer range is brilliantly dynamic.


A Lacquer™ door is perfect for adding an enviable, polished element to any home.  


Our Lacquer doors can be custom-made and are available in a wide range of RAL finishes, providing our clients with creative license and a gratifying result.

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