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Door disasters you have to avoid

One of the simplest ways you can improve the interior and exterior aesthetics of your home is to fit quality wooden doors. Hang doors made from premium grade oak and they enhance all areas of the dwelling, wood has that timeless quality about it.

1. Good workmanship. To reap the true rewards of solid timber doors. We would suggest you aim to avoid these errors where possible to maximise the true potential of this home improvement.

2. Badly hung doors. One of the easiest ways to ruin the look and performance of a door is to hang it the wrong way. Badly fitting doors are hard to shut. They might have gaps at the base, the top or around the edges. If you know your carpentry skills are weak and you are worried about hanging a wooden door, this might be one task you want to leave to somebody with a little more experience. Use the services of a pal that has good DIY skills or better still, pay for a professional carpenter. It’ll be worth it to achieve positive results.

3. Shabby accessories. Quality wooden doors look best with premium grade accessories. Think of door hardware as an investment. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of internal or external doors and provides them with professional finishing touches. Designer handles, locks, letterboxes, numerals and knockers all add to the general appeal of the door. They give that touch of class!

4. Poor paintwork. Painted front doors look good as long as care is taken with the initial application. Good preparation helps, followed by priming and top coating and remember to buy decent grade paints. The same goes for wood stains as well. Regular upkeep of painting also helps to provide a first-class image. How you treat the door will dictate how it looks afterwards.

5. Poor quality doors. Finally, don’t try to save money by paying for budget doors. The quality is generally inferior and people will know. Buy cheap doors now and there’s a good chance you’ll want to replace them again within a short space of time, they’ll look bad and you’ll rue your mistake. Instead, go for the quality option from the beginning. Treat yourself to wooden doors from Adamson and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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