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1. Door Frame

2. Low Level Aluminium Threshold

3. Compact Laminate

4. 0.5mm Aluminium Sheet

5. Door Leaf Framing

6. Security Keepers


7. High Security 3 Point Locking System

8. 0.5mm Aluminium Sheet

10. Glazing Unit (Compact Material)

9. Compact Laminate

11. Triple Glazed Unit

12. Adjustable Security Hinges

High impact compact laminate door skin warranty water resistant, with a 10-year stability guarantee against twisting and bowing on single leaf door sets up to 1190mm x 2390mm high.

The Environment

As a Scandinavian producer, we take environmental and ecological issues seriously. All the components of our doors are made from materials from sustainable resources, and are completely recyclable, guaranteeing you an environmentally-friendly product. Our energy comes from renewable hydro-electricity, we have full Chain of Custody and only use FSC or PEFC-certified timber from sustainably managed sources.

Fire Safety

We can provide 30 minute fire resistance (FD30S) with intumescent smoke seals incorporated into the door frame. Fire rated windows are also available.

Acoustic Certification

The acoustic certification and performance on all doorsets is 38dB. The doorsets have been tested to satisfy the building regulations’ requirements for sound insulation


Our doors are available in any NCS or RAL colour, including metallic, and can be produced in bespoke patterns and dimensions, all incorporating low thresholds. 

Energy Efficiency 

The performance of an entrance door is crucial to achieving energy efficiency for the whole building envelope. Our doors are outstandingly thermally efficient. Tested for weather exposure six times more severe than the British Standard, they can achieve a whole product u-value as low as 0.77W/m2 K for an unglazed product and 1.1W/m2 K for a standard triple-glazed product, exceeding current criteria and providing a warm and draught-free home.


An entrance door can be the weakest point in the security of a home. Our doors have been tested to PAS 23 and 24 and are fully Secured By Design certified. The compact laminate door skin, with aluminium sheets on both sides, gives unmatched stability and strength. For total peace of mind, we use security hinges, stainless steel bolt hooks, stainless steel boxed keepers and security cylinders.   

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